Stay in Touch for LIFE!   
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NetOffice Communications Corporation keeps you in touch with just One Touch for LIFE!One Single Point Of Contact For Life!
With One Simple Name To Remember!
     ContributeManage Your Everything In One Place!
     CommunicateOne Touch Away For Life!

NetOffice Makes Everything Simple and Impossible to Forget.....  NetOffice makes it easy staying in touch with just one touch and one name for LIFE!

Wherever you go, whenever you change jobs, your family and friends will always be in touch. The only thing they need to remember is Your Name.  

NetOffice is your Central Contact Page / Virtual Business Card and your Home Page when your on the road. NetOffice works like a Virtual Assistant with a built in Business Center that never gets sick or takes time off. Visitors benefit from next-generation low-cost means of communication, such as one touch technology, social networks and the latest in VoIP/Cloud services. Visitors to your page will always be in touch using the communication channels that you choose.....

Connect to your everything with just one touch for LIFE!
NetOffice stores and manages all your means of communications, your applications and web linkes you use on a daily basis and make them available in "One Secure Place, One Touch Away and One Simple Name to Remember.
Contribute with just one simple name for LIFE!
You can publish all your Communications, Like Phone Numbers, Social Networks, Email Addresses, Web Links, Your Office Tools, Microsoft/Apple/Google/Yahoo services Easy to setup folders keeps you organized and up to date.
Communicate with just one touch for LIFE!
Wherever you go, whenever you change jobs your family and friends will stay in touch and be able to reach with just One Name and you'll always be One Touch Away for LIFE.

$29.99 Yearly No Contracts - No Hardware - No Software

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NetOffice comes pre-installed with the Following:

One Placce One Touch Away from your Everything.Your Own Personal Domain Name - www.YourName.
Works like a Virtual Business Card with built in Voicemail/Email/CRM

One Placce One Touch Away from your Everything.Powerful Email WhatEverYouWant@YourName.
Create that personal Brand with Your Name or Business Name.

One Placce One Touch Away from your Everything.Built in Home Page When Your On The Road
One Page for Contact Info / Phone Numbers - Email - Social and More

One Placce One Touch Away from your Everything.One Name, One Place and One Touch Technology
One Single Point of Contact for Life on the Internet of Things(IoT)